into an antique store
the vintage clock
ticktocks me
into bringing him home

            — Rupa Anand, India


Bio — Rita R. Melissano

Rita R. Melissano, Ph.D. is a longtime non-fiction writer who only in recent years has developed a passion for haiku poetry. Some of her work has been accepted and has appeared in Mariposa, Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, Haiku Dialogue, Scarlet Dragonfly, and in Red Paper Parasols” the 2022 Anthology of SCHSG. Her first book will find its debut as a haiku collection in early 2023. A world traveler originally from Italy, she lives in a forest overlooking the Mississippi on the Illinois side. This is a perfect setting also for her photography and haiga, for oneness with Nature, her sharing of The Way of Love (website thewayof.love) through ancient spiritual teachings and the contemplative practices of Mindfulness, Meditation, Light Giving, Evolutionary Collective, and also for Healing Conversations with her, a holistic psychotherapist in a love donation-based private practice.