sunrise wedding
by the sea
wisteria bouquets
for bride and attendants
mother weeps at the sight       

            — Sigrid Saradunn, USA

does wisteria 
weep as it droops
lavender tears
I catch in my hand
for my faraway friend               

            — Kath Abela Wilson, USA

over the archway
wisteria blossoms
caress my face
as I walk by                               

            — Taura Scott, USA

again and again
the same walk just to feel
it’s silky touch its sachet
stays in my heart                         

            — Kath Abela Wilson, USA

by the cloister
my mother was young
violet strands
how many springs ago

            — Mariko Kitakubo, Japan

strolling through 
a wisteria trellis 
alone . . . 
my mind somewhere
beyond my own reach 

            — Jackie Chou, USA

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