wild grasses

wild grasses
stronger than concrete
my memories

            — Oscar Luparia, Italy
            Art by Joanna Delalande, France


A Tanka Rainbow

A TANKA RAINBOW: red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

soaked to the skin
during an afternoon stroll
with a rainbow arching
over the flattened ocean     

            — Amelia Fielden, Australia

stunning spring
dew drops on the red petals
of quince blossom
radiant in contrast 
to the morning’s fog         

            — Sigrid Saradunn , USA

final farewell
orange tints through cloud drifts
rippling reflections
scattered on rolling waves
under the evening star       

            — Dean Okamura, USA

as she was born
I named my daughter
seeing her as a little hill
covered with yellow flowers 

            — Kath Abela Wilson, USA

wing beats
of the green dragonfly
lifting my heart
atop a lily pad a turtle
untucks its head                 

            — Richard Matta, USA

cloudless sky
his flute song deepening
into shades of blue —
how the world looks
without my coloured lens     

            — Jackie Chou, USA

my indigo child
born in a total eclipse
never cries,
her bright eyes shine
even on the darkest night   

            — Genie Nakano, USA

grandfather’s ring
long lost in the Pacific,
I see it now
in the mirror 
of your violet eyes           

            — Susan Rogers, USA